Thursday, April 30, 2009

Treat Mom Like The Queen Bee...

You can never go wrong with luxurious Lady Primrose products. Make mom feel like the Queen Bee that she is. Lady Primrose is sure to bring pampering, indulging, and relaxation. All moms deserve some of that!
Lady Primrose products available at Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center in Downtown Waco, Texas
Pictured: Tryst Hand Creme, Reed Diffuser, and Dusting Silk Shaker
Other Scents Available: Royal Extract, Celadon, Necture, Ambience, and Provencal

Encourage Mom to Bee Natural...

You love mom for who she naturally is, right? Express this by showering her with Susan Soaps & More All-Natural products.
Susan's Soaps & More can been purchased at Bee Angels in The Shops of River Square Center in Downtown Waco, Texas
Choose from soaps, salt glows, sugar scrubs, lotion bars, massage oils and lip balms in a variety of fragrances. The best part: Items are perfectly priced to create an assorted gift basket without breaking the bank! Buzz over now for the best selection.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bee Alert!!! Mother's Day is Coming Up!

One of my dear friends mentioned Mother's Day today, so I decided to check my calendar. It is less than two weeks away! Mother's Day is May 10, and Bee Angels is the perfect place to shop for all the amazing women in your life. Starting today, I plan to post items that have been popular Mother's Day gifts in the past and also new items that I predict will be hits this year.
Bee Angels has a wide selection of pretty perfume bottles in an assortment of colors. If I had to guess, these would by far win the Mother's Day popularity award in years past. Start your mother's collection this year...and save time next year wondering what to get.

Bee Angels is located in The Shops of River Square Center in Downtown Waco, Texas.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bee So Fresh & So Clean...

Mom and I were busy bees this weekend doing some Spring cleaning at Bee Angels. Come check out fresh, new items and displays before everything is covered in dust again! If for no other reason come to be inspired to clean up your own home. Buying a new piece, two, or a few might just be that little motivation you need.
Bee Angels is located in The Shops of River Square Center in Downtown Waco.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bee Versatile...

New at Bee Angels: Handmade Crystal & Glassware
Come see the new collection of pitchers, vases, and bowls. These items make a perfect wedding gift or a versatile piece to add to your own home.
Tropical Tea
4 1/2 cups water
4 cups iced tea
1-12 oz. can frozen pineapple orange juice (thawed)
Optional Garnish: fresh mint or orange slices
Mix water, tea and juice in pitcher. Serve over ice. Garnish.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bee Prayerful

I did an arrangement to take to my Granny after she had a stroke the Monday before last. We thought she was still in ICU the night we went to visit and my sister, who works at a hospital, knew ICU patients were not allowed to have flowers in the rooms. So I left them at home. When we got there she had been moved to a regular room but the important thing is that meant she was getting better. I thought this post could do two things...I could make a prayer request for my Granny's healing and could also inspire you to brighten up someone's life you know with something as simple as roses from the yard and a few sprigs of evergreen in an old mayo jar. My Granny did not get to see the arrangement I made for her, but on Easter my Grandpa took her red lilies from her garden. Now that is a cute, sweet site that will bring a smile to anyone's face. Bee Sweet, Bee Simple

I thought some of you may like an update on Bee posts have not been as promoting as usual :) I do have a few new things and just have not had time to get my act together for a post to show them off. Earlier this week, I received lovely crystal bowls, vases, and pitchers handmade by European Craftsmen. I hope to send you some pics and tips featuring these items shortly. I also have an order placed for new pewter pieces that I should receive next week. Two new sales are taking place at Bee Angels. Upper Canada Kitchen products are 30% off! And the collection of silver and white dishes are 30% off! Get them before they are gone!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bee All Wrapped Up...

What do you do after you have a party and have a few leftover cocktail or dinner napkins? Do you throw them in the trash since there is not enough for next time? For those of you who know me, you know I like to recycle, reuse, and repurpose anything and everything I can. Keep your mismatched napkins and use to wrap your next small gift. The gift above was given to my mom for her Birthday (a beautiful perfume bottle from Bee Angels). I used a white napkin that had faint embossing. After wrapping, I garnished with a clipped rose and ribbon (from my little coffee can I have stashed in my office-anytime I receive a gift, get an invitation, or buy something that is embellished with prettiness, I stash it in my coffee can to liven whatever it may be later.) My mom commented that it looked like her gift was wrapped in cloth.

Shop at Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center to find gifts to wrap all up :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bee Rosy...

I have been anticipating this day. The Spring my honey and I were engaged we bought a rose bush at Wal-mart on sale. I can't remember the exact price. It ranged from $1.50-$3.50, which is cheap no matter which end of the scale. It was a small plant and the first and only rose bush I have ever planted. These last few weeks we have been noticing the hundreds of buds on our gigantic rose bush, and today when I got home they had started to bloom. It was way too windy to work at the house (50 mph wind according to my mom's weather station), so we stayed home. Here are a few snaps of my flower arranging session and photo shoot. I love simple and these took no time and look lovely on my kitchen island...after I enticed the Yellow Jacket to relocate to somewhere besides in between the petals of one of the roses! I cut a few roses and a few wildflowers. My dad mentioned the other day that the little white flowers are wild onions. I have no idea but they are very delicate, cute flowers~white with yellow centers and open and close during different parts of the day. They also only grow in my parents' yard, not ours, so thanks for the donation mom and dad. As you can see, I did one floating arrangement and one stemmed. Maybe this inspired you to create an arrangement of your own. Use containers you have around your house or visit Bee Angels for other creative options (I used a candy dish and vase). The outcomes are endless. Feel free to send me or post your photos.

Bee Sunny & Bright...

Refresh your doorstep or yard by planting Spring flowers. There is no better way to brighten your life and mood.

Since I planted new flowers in the planter my honey built me for my Birthday last year, I decided I would show it off too. He used pickets from a fence one of his co-workers tore down and an old sink from my Grandparents.

Assorted planters available at Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center.