Monday, July 22, 2013

Bee on Time...

 Lots of new items at Bee Angels
 Photo  holders with cute details
 A few items in this post are being stored in "Angel's Attic."
I will note these items and if you're interested, please email me at to inquire.
This wire rack is stashed in the Attic.
 Shabby mirror and frame

 Wooden spoon plant markers

 One of my favorites of all time.
My honey found the perfect barn wood for this table that was missing its top.
At the time of this post it is in Angel's Attic.
Bee Handmade frames
The hand mirror on the wooden block is no longer available.
The test tube vase on barn wood stand is still available.
And the barn wood framed mirror is being stored in Angel's Attic.

 Two truck loads means lots of new items will be available soon.
Most of the larger items will be stored in Angel's Attic but I will post photos when they are ready.
Thanks for stopping by.