Friday, June 27, 2008

Bee An Angel

Tip of the day

Surprise your honey with a sweet picnic. Take a trip to the park or have treats in your backyard...anywhere you can watch the sun set and the stars twinkle. Don't forget the candles for a romantic glow. Let your honey know how much you love and appreciate all he or she does!

Candle sticks and serving pieces available at Bee Angels at The Shops of River Square Center.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Be A Heavenly Angel...

Inspiration, words of encouragement, and simple love all come forth with Bangles from Heaven scripture bangles and link bracelets. Give a gift that will be special and last forever to the bride on her wedding day or the graduate after she walks across that stage. Bangles and bracelets are made of sterling silver.
(Notice the bee-utiful display cross, handcrafted by the busy bee's honey.)
Bangles from Heaven available at Bee Angels at the Shops of River Square Center.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bee an Angel...

Tip of the Day...

Support a local, goofy gourd farmer. Buy a unique Nature's Pottery Girly Gourd bracelet. Each one is handmade from gourds grown in Waco, Texas. No two are exactly alike. This would be a great gift for your "green" friends. Not only were these gourds grown chemical free while requiring minimum watering, they are all local-so no truck from Never Never Land had to haul them in! Even the tags are made from a recycled box! Love your Earth where we bees like to buzz with the Nature's Pottery line.

Nature's Pottery available at Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bee an Angel...

Tip of the Day...

A little bee told me Father's Day is Sunday! Bee an angel and do something extra special for those special men in your life. How about something out of the ordinary this year? Pamper pops with Lady Primrose (unisex) Celadon scented products. Try the terrific soap in a handsome traveling case and the soothing bath gel. Does your grandpa love his hunting and brew? Surprise gramps with an antler bottle opener. He will be the coolest guy at the deer lease! Add a case of his favorite flavor to really show him he's special. Instead of a tie for your businessman, give him a classy cardcase to keep his business cards in order. Bee an Angel and surprise your men with something different this year.

Shop at Bee Angels and the Shops of River Square Center for fabulous father's day finds.

Friday, June 6, 2008

My turn...

Now it's my turn to Be the Angel! For all of your hard work and dedication to becoming that perfect angel, now it is time for a heavenly reward. Simply email to receive your special certificate that also includes an awesome discount. Just put Bee Angels Buzz in the subject line with your name being the body of the paragraph. By the way, the first person to buzz me will get a more golden discount than any other angel! But even if you are not first, all who buzz will get the biggest coupon discount Bee Angels has ever had! Don't forget to Bee an Angel and let all of your friends know about this 'bee'utiful offer. Buzz them now!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bee an Angel...

Tip of the Day...

Pamper a pal or two...or a few! Lady Primrose products are the most luxurious pampering tools available. Bring your overworked friend a jar of Royal Extract Creme with a beautiful silver top. This stuff smells and feels so good I wouldn't be surprised if she comes back telling you her husband even rubbed some on her can't blame him for wanting to experience a little of the luxury too! Brighten your nursing home friend's day by taking her a lovely Tryst Dusting Silk Shaker. Just the look of the glamorous bottle will make her feel like a queen. After she freshens up with the wonderful silk, sprinkle a little in her bedsheets to really put a big smile on her face. For that busy friend of yours, mother of two, drop off a supply of Celadon Bath Salts. Now how can she resist taking some time for herself and a well deserved bath? Those are just a few ideas to help you Bee an Angel. With Lady Primrose products you can never go wrong, so don't worry or fret, just let Lady Primrose do the work! Lady Primrose products available at Bee Angels in six rich scents: Tryst, Royal Extract, Celadon, Ambience, Necture, and Provencal.