Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bee An Angel...

Tip of the Day:
No matter how heavenly you, your kids, your husband, or your grandma is...some things are just not sweet. Bee an Angel and take care of the problem. Have Poo-Pourri in every bathroom in your house and give as gifts for all of those other powder rooms you may happen to visit. To really earn those wings, carry the fashionable and refillable atomizer in your purse to make those unpleasant public restroom trips something to be excited about. The rest is easy...Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know!
Poo-Pourri products make great hostess gifts or a fun graduation gift for those going away to college and living in dorms!
Poo-Pourri products and gift sets available at Bee Angels.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bee An Angel...

Tip of the Day:

Does your best friend or mom love to cook and create in the kitchen? Surprise her with luxury kitchen products from Upper Canada. Make washing dishes cool and refreshing with the delicious dish soap. Spritz and wipe down counter tops with the antibacterial spray, and then wash up with the flavorful hand wash. And remember don't leave the kitchen without a dose of the light weight hand lotion or hand repair creme!

Choose the perfect combination for your special someone, and make a kitchen gift basket...and who knows maybe you will be rewarded with a tasty treat!

Upper Canada products available at Bee Angels in two mouth-watering fragrances: Gala Apple with Cinnamon & Tahitian Lime with Basil.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bee An Angel...

Tip of the day:

Traveling with friends or family this summer? Make your airport experience fun instead of a hassle. Give the travelers in your group a prepacked (quart-size) zip top bag with perfectly "Sized to Fly" Bee Angels products. Staying at home but having loved ones visit you? This also makes a perfect farewell gift that they will remember forever. Or have Bee Angels bubble bath and body lotion waiting in their guest room to enjoy during and after their stay. This also works as a nice hostess gift if you are the guest. Plus each product's label says it is from Waco, Texas!

Bee Angels products sold exclusively at The Shops of River Square Center.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bee An Angel...

Since I have been an Angel since the 80s, I have plenty of practice. Some of you may need a little help in this area. Let Bee Angels help you...Bee an Angel!

Tip of the Day

Bee An Angel...Enjoy Springtime. Pick flowers or plant a fern for a friend, loved one, or neighbor. The best gifts given are those for no particular reason at all!

Visit Bee Angels for fantastic planters, pots, and vases!