Friday, January 30, 2009

Bee Naturally Lovable

A brand new shipment of Susan's Soaps & More has arrived at Bee Angels. Bee Naturally lovable this Valentine's Day with these terrific all natural products!
Scents of my Father Collection makes a perfect present for the men in your life. Pamper your husband with a rub a dub back scrub with these manly scents.
New Scent...Passion! All natural massage oil also available.

Then my favorite...Decadent Chocolate Mint Soap Hearts. These smell so good you will want to eat them! What a perfect gift for all of your special friends!

Susan's Soaps & More available at Bee Angels at The Shops of River Square Center.

Valentine's Day Blast from the Past:
My husband and I bought land for a future home site a couple years ago. That Valentine's day was my turn to surprise him. I picked him up after work and blindfolded him. I drove all over the place until finally we ended up at our land. I had (with help from my mom) a picnic set up in the back of a small lean-to that came with the property. We had wine (after my honey opened it with his pocket knife-I was sooo prepared but forgot the corkscrew!-ha!), food, and great conversation. Before leaving that night, I had a small scavenger hunt for my honey to find his being a heart stone (thanks to my dad's skills) with our initials in rocks. I thought this would be a good memento to later include in our landscaping. A special day we will always remember.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bee Shimmery

Glitter and sparkle this Valentine's Day. Give gal pals a glamorous purse mirror, card case or lipstick holder. Surprising someone with a romantic getaway? Bee creative and write out the details on a card slipped into a snazzy luggage tag (airplane and cruise ship tags also available.) Glitter Galore items available at Bee Angels at The Shops of River Square Center.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bee Kissable

Valentine's Day is right around the bend. Are your lips ready for some smoochin'? Plump, moisturize and soften your pout with Lady Primrose Lip FULL-Fill Plumping Balm and Gloss. It also makes a quick, thoughtful gift for your girlfriend who looks a little parched!
Lady Primrose products available at Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bee Angels Bargains!

Thought you might like to see a sign that went up in Bee Angels today...just in case you haven't been by there to see for yourself! Do you ever have one of those days when you just feel like cleaning closets, clearing cabinets, and filling your life with new things? After receiving new merchandise this last week (and more on the way!) I just wanted to clear some space so the new stuff can have more of the spotlight. Many items are marked down so low that I am going in the hole! (Don't tell my honey!) If you are like me, this is my favorite kind of shopping. Get over there before someone else gets the good stuff. And keep checking back-I wouldn't be surprised if I am still in this cleaning mood tomorrow during my lunch break :) Plus be the first to see the new stuff as it arrives! Sales...they take my little bee breath away!

Bee Relaxed & Pampered

Single or just not in the lovey dovey mood...have a girls spa night to celebrate Valentine's Day. We all need and deserve to be pampered. Set the mood with candles and soft music. Display a few green, leafy plants if winter has you feeling cooped up. Bring out the luxurious lotions, bath salts, sugar scrubs, and face creams. Did you save so much money from shopping at Bee Angels 40-50 % off sale? Heck, splurge and hire a never know, you might just find you a hot date for next year.

Pampering products available at Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center. Candlesticks are part of the big sale! Get them before they are gone.

Valentine Blast from the Past:

My senior year in high school included a Valentine's Day I will always remember. For those of you who are close friends, you may remember this was a sad time of my life. Good friends are truly a gift to be thankful for. My best girlfriend and I dressed alike to go to school that day. We both had matching shirts, black skirts, and bright red pantyhose. You would be surprised how red pantyhose can cheer you up! That night we went to dinner in another matching outfit. Pink sweaters with feathers decorating our shoulders and leather skirts. Girls just wanna have fun!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bee Sweet as Honey...

Christmas is over, New Year's parties have ended (Happy New Year, by the way), it's cold outside and honestly this time of year usually takes a little buzz out of me. I am one of those bees that always needs something to look forward to. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this is really one of my favorite holidays. It's sappy, it's sweet, it's casual, it's fun, it's romantic, it's's really what you make it, just like everything else in life. And life is too short to not celebrate every chance you get! Today I started thinking about past Valentine's Days and what made them special, unique and memorable. Starting today until Valentine's Day on February 14th, I will bee giving you sweet ideas to celebrate this loving day (regardless of your marital or dating status-it really is a fun day no matter what!) along with stories of my past Valentine's Days. I invite you to post your memorable times as well. I love to hear a good love story...or funny is good too! Plus if you post, I will send you a coupon for 40% off anything in my store-including sale items! I also have a contest planned to go along with the Valentine theme. I will post it closer to the sweet day so be sure to keep checking back for ways to make this Valentine's memorable and to participate in the contest and win a great prize!

Sweet Tip of the Day:

Surprise your honey with a romantic dinner by candle light. Cook his or her favorite meal or pick up food from a favorite restaurant. Use Valentine's Day as an excuse to do something different, special and out of the norm.
Valentine's Day Blast from the Past:
My husband and I take turns planning the special day for one another. Our first Valentine's day as a married couple was our actual second one together and it was his turn. He decided to cook dinner and let me relax and be the Queen Bee. During the days before, I could sense his frustration of finding a recipe that was "not so fancy" with ingredients he knew. So, I suggested going to of my favorites for a good, quick easy meal. He found the recipe and pointed out that the preparation time was 5-10 minutes and it had 3-5 ingredients. The day came, I relaxed in a warm bath with a glass of wine while he cooked the elaborate meal-ha! Meal time arrived, and let's just say his taking the easy road was evident. It really wasn't bad. I think I liked it more than he did at least. It did lack robust flavor...and we had a pot full large enough to feed any army. We can always remember this Valentine's day being the one we had the yum-yum good leftovers for a week! This year is my honey's turn...wonder if he will test his culinary skills again!?!? Maybe he will stick to his BBQ speciality! Though the meal was not the highlight, being together, in love, made it a terrific night.
Romantic dinner candle sticks, champagne glasses, and wine stoppers are available at Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center.