Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bee Merry & Bright...

Almost time to go home for Christmas?
Bee Angels is a great place to go for that last minute shopping.
Lots and lots of stocking stuffers!
Susan's All-Natural Soaps & More make great hostess gifts.
Christmas platters, spreaders, wine stoppers, servers & more.
Pretty pearl serving pieces
Even cool gifts for hubby and dad.
Scents of My Father soaps, lotion bars, and shaving soaps.
Pops loves to bee pampered too!
Merry Christmas and thanks to all of you who have supported Bee Angels this year.
I truly appreciate you.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bee Shabby...

Shabby Christmas Tree Collection Now Available at Bee Angels
Hang on a tree, tie on a gift, decorate your mantel, or spruce up a bottle of wine.
All Handmade with Love
No two alike
And though these Christmas trees aren't green, they are green.
Each made with vintage and recycled materials.
Unique, cute, and environmentally friendly.
Have Yourself a Shabby Little Christmas.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday at Bee Angels!

40% off Bee Angels Bath Products!
Available Exclusively at Spice Village!
30% off Boxed, Glass Wine Stoppers and Bottle Openers! Perfect Stocking Stuffers or Hostess Gifts!
Friday Only!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Bee Angels

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bee Full of Thanks...

It's official. I love Fall. I believe I've just realized that this year. Maybe I am becoming older and wiser and appreciate simpler things these days? Bee Angels is decked out for Christmas for the most part, but still has one Fall display. Don't get me wrong-Christmas is fun too...and I will love it when it gets closer, but there is something about warm browns, natural elements, and GOURDS that I can't get enough of. Maybe it has something to do with being able to walk in the fields and clip free weeds for lovely decor?! Just beware of Ragweed-ugly name, sneezy symptoms, but lovely none-the-less.
Speaking of lovely, pumpkins and mums always catch my eye.
My love of Fall probably has a little to do with the weather. Not too hot and not too cold.
The beauty of the leaves changing
Did I mention gourds? I grew these myself, so don't make fun of the lumpy ones if I'm standing near. All gourds need love, even lumpy ones. Thankful for the simple, beautiful things in life
Have an attitude of gratitude in all things.
(I got that from my Dove chocolate wrapper today...yum)
Thanksgiving Blessings to you and yours from Bee Angels and the Busy Bee.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bee Spooked by Super Savings...

Spruce up your Home for Halloween Hauntings or Trick your Friends with a Thoughtful Treat.
Crow Votive
Originally $6.50
On sale for $2

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bee Sweet...

FarmHouse Fresh
Sweet Cream Body Milk
This delicate moisturizer pours over you like milk and leaves light velvety notes of warm sweet cream. A true treat to moisturize each morning.
Bonus: Packaged in a reusable corked glass cruet that can be repurposed in endless ways!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bee Ready for the Harvest...

If the crispness in the air is making you feel like shopping, head on over to Bee Angels. The Busy Bee spiffied things up for Fall.

Have a Happy Labor Day!
(Spice Village will be closed on don't delay, buzz by this weekend!)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bee Jeweled...

Brand new shipment of jeweled perfume bottles, boxes, and trinkets. Buzz by while the selection is best.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bee on Time...

Hi Bee Angels Buddies! My picture taking sessions have been a little scarce these days. Thanks for bearing with me during these Busy Bee House Building Days that should calm down in the next few months and as the year ends. Running to Home Depot during my lunch break has been taking the place of photo sessions. I snapped these two random shots a few weeks ago. The top features an antique clock replica and Victorian vase, which are two of my personal favorites. Getting closer and closer to the decorating part of our home, they may be shop lifted by yours truly so if they are favorites of yours, I'll race you to them!And this picture makes me anxious for entertaining, which is something we've kept in mind while building/designing our living space. Friends, I can't promise when the house warming party will actually take place, but I can promise that I won't serve plastic bread. Life is good. Life is hectic, but please don't hesitate to give me a buzz if there is anything I can help you with. The Busy Bee is never too busy for her customers. Thanks to all of you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bee a Pearly Girl...

Pretty Pearl Collection New at Bee Angels
Choose from a wide selection of trays, bowls, spreaders, servers, and chip & dip trays.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bee Addicted...

A scrumptious bottle of love. This divine honey-based moisture veil seals in moisture and brings rich color back to tired feet - making them look instantly pedicured. Simply brush on and rub into feet for a chalkless bliss. Fragranced with velvety Cinnamon notes, Sweet Cloves and of course, actual Honey. Honey Heel Glaze is addictive in every way. Includes a 3 oz. reusable quilted glass jar with applicator brush.
As Seen In Real Simple Magazine: "Happy Feet: Brush this rich salve, which contains honey, over dry skin and cracks to soften and seal them."
And also in InStyle Weddings: "Honey Heel Glaze uses the sweet stuff for this nongreasy moisturizer that revives stiletto-fatigued feet."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bee Bubbly...

Brown Sugar and Bourbon combine in an intoxicatingly decadent, gingersnap-pecan scented fine body scrub. Surprisingly lightweight, Bourbon and Rice Bran oil provide a squeaky clean drydown that leaves skin prepped and primed. Tanning sprays and lotions won't smear or dribble off! A fabulous gift for teens, men and women alike. Fun vintage photo adorns the lid and reads: "A good heap of whiskey before tanning helps make one smoothe."
-Brown sugar removes dead skin, providing easier penetration of other products
-Stimulates renewal of skin texture
-The non-greasy consistency makes this an exceptional pre spray-tanning exfoliator
-Has a high concentration of Vitamin E and potent skin antioxidants to nourish skin

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bee Smashed...

This jar of double moisturizer is pure decadent fun! The vintage jelly jar with galvantized lid unlocks playful memories and yummy moisturizer you'll love mushing-up. Live Strawberry Cells have been suspended in a nourishing body gel to bring vitamin-packed softness to skin. Be carefree when scooping - the rich sweet cream fragranced body whip blends with the fruit extracts leaving skin soft, dewy and richly fragrant. Includes aloe leaf juice, strawberry fruit extract, shea butter and all the just-picked fun you can muster-up. Includes printed jute tote for gift-giving delight, declaring "Mushed-up stuff is better for you."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bee Fresh...

Brand New at Bee Angels
FarmHouse Fresh products made locally in Frisco, Texas!
Bee the first to experience each vintage-inspired body care product that is infused with farm-inspired natural ingredients like Honey, Papaya juice, and Rice Bran Oil.
The Busy Bee hopes to post individually about each new product in the near future. But don't wait on her, go by Bee Angels today to see for yourself, and come back here afterwards to comment and tell everyone what the buzz is all about!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bee Fancy Frugal...

Lady Primrose boxed sets are perfect in countless ways:
1. Pretty and ready to give in ONE classy box
2. Available in TWO luxurious scents-Tryst and Royal Extract
3. THREE pampering products for the price of one
4. At this price you can buy one FOUR someone special and one FOUR yourself!
5. Buzz over before they're gone! High FIVE :)
Lady Primrose boxed sets are a $105 value for only $64.50!
Set includes: 8 oz. Skin Moisturizer Pump, 8 oz. Bathing Gel Pump and 3 oz. Eau de Farfum Mist

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bee Countrified...

Dragonflies remind me of summer days, jumping off the pier into our tank. And when I think of summer and all the fun I had as a kid, I feel blessed to have had (and still have) the country life. I love being able to enjoy the simple things. Picture this platter on a picnic table topped with sliced watermelon beside a mason jar filled with wild sunflowers...I can't imagine anything that says summer better (and that would make for a better blog picture!)
Thanks for bearing with these rushed during a lunch break photos :)

Have a calendar full of summer weddings?
Visit Bee Angels to shop a selection of gifts the bride and groom will cherish for years.
Are you the bride or groom?
Bee Angels also has perfect hostess and wedding party presents.
Just give the busy bee a buzz if she can help with your special day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bee Corky...

Visit Bee Angels to see the new shipment and variety of bottle openers and wine corks.
Each comes in a fancy box making them perfect hostess gifts for weddings, dinners, showers, and parties.
A beautiful gift for any memorable occasion!
The wide selection of styles and colors is a real treat, and my pictures (hurriedly taken during my lunch break) do not do them justice, so please come over to Bee Angels to see them in all their beauty!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bee Season

Bring in Spring!
Don't you just love this time of year?!
Take time to stop and enjoy nature.
Fill pitchers, bottles and jars with an assortment of blooms, branches and twigs to instantly cheer up any room of your home. Purchase a unique piece and fill with flowers to surprise your neighbor.
Think outside of the vase and use a variety of containers for stunning arrangements.
Bee Angels has a wide assortment of pieces that can definitely serve double duty!
Have a pitcher of lemonade today and a vase of fresh roses tomorrow.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bee Exclusive...

New Products!
Stock your shower with a Bee Angels bath bar for an uplifting experience.
Bee ready for anything by stashing a sized to fly hand sanitizer in your purse.
Great floral citrus scent perfect for Spring!

Bee Angels line available exclusively at The Shops of River Square Center.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bee-fore and After...

Sorry to have been slacking on the blog lately! Today I bring you a long overdue post. I am always thrilled to see a great "before" and "after" so thought I would share one of my favorites that now lives at Bee Angels. Above you can see my childhood dresser complete with pennies ticky tacked to the mirror for each year since I was born and a 0% Angel sticker. Thank goodness my style of decor has changed since my early years! Now see below for several "after" shots.
When I learned that Bee Angels would be moving, I knew I wanted to acquire new display pieces. For those who know me, I like to recycle old things and give them a new life (and am cheap!) My mom, always my partner in crime in this department, mentioned a few pieces she had around her house that she would not mind getting rid of/was tired of looking at. So one night we toured many a lovely pieces of furniture and visualized and looked for the potential in each piece (and made quite the to-do list for my dad/husband.)To start the transformation, my dad took out all the drawers and then cut out the drawer frames (not sure what you call that part...the tick-tac-toe kind of design you would have after taking out the drawers...) and then added a board at the bottom for the floor as you can see in the above and below pictures. Then he added a light (also recycled and free from my sister's home remodeling).
He also added two wooden shelves across the mirror, which my honey later stained.
The majority of the furniture I used for this project was made of fake wood. You know the kind that has a plastic like wood, grain coating? I really was leery and wondered if it could be painted and then hold up to customers picking up and moving merchandise. So after much trial and error, I kicked myself for not doing the always easy Internet search. Not sure what I was thinking...obviously, I wasn't. After reading about several options, each piece was lightly sanded to get rid of the shine, then cleaned, then sprayed with Kilz white primer from my honey's paint sprayer. (He looked like Casper the friendly ghost after all of my projects that night.) Then after the paint dried for a few days, I did my part and distressed each piece.
I am really happy with how it turned out and think my dad and honey were surprised. (If you could have seen all the crazy looks I got through this process!) And my mom, always my teammate by my side receiving those same crazy looks, now has new shoe racks (one piece used to hold her shoes), less clutter, and was a warrior making sure dad got the to-do list done in a timely manner. A true group effort~with a happy busy bee product.