Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bee Grape-ful!

New Collection at Bee Angels
Lovely, viney, grape serveware
So elegant, it even makes my cheap bottle of wine look fancy ;)
Bee Angels is located in the Shops of River Square Center

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bee Poison Ivy Free...

Another NEW scent! Milk & Honey
Goat's Milk Soap and I go way back...do you get poison ivy? I do! I am very allergic to it. Example: My honey went along with my dad (who is on the volunteer fire department) to fight a fire a few weeks ago. When he got home he put his smoky clothes directly into the washing machine since he knew he trotted through a poison ivy filled creek. Good honey :) One small hitch, he put his belt across my make-up vanity chair. The next morning, I sat on his belt while getting ready, and taa daa poison ivy across the back of my legs :( I can't be too careful.
Anyhow, one remedy I found that works for me is to wash with Goat's Milk Soap. When we were clearing our land, I washed with Goat's Milk Soap every time we came home, and never got dreadful poison ivy that lurked in every square foot of our property! I know it sounds crazy (I doubted my Granny when she first told me too) but now I am a true believer in the power of the goat :)
Susan's Soaps & More available at Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bee Peppery...

New Scent~Pepper & Pettigrain
Black Pepper is very warming and good for achy muscles. So you work out and treat your body right...go one step further and wash up with Susan's All-Natural Soaps!
I love this company. It's so cool. There are not many companies like it around these days. I can call up Susan, the Susan, right now and chat! Visit her blog www.susansoaps.com/blog
Susan has descriptions and videos that will show you the soap making process and her passion for making these wonderful products available to you and me.
Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center proudly offers Susan's Soaps & More.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bee Cheesy...

Brand new at Bee Angels!
Fleur de Lis marble cutting board and matching spreader
Like heavy duty? This gift will pass your test!
You may want to bring your honey to carry it home for you :)
Visit Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center to see "tons" of hot, new items!