Monday, May 23, 2011

Bee Comfortably Fun...

 Just a quick post to let you know the Queen Bee has been busy sewing pillows.  I really really like them all.
 While snapping that picture, I finally remembered to snap a few of these blue jean bags also handcrafted by the Queen Bee.  As you can see they are kind of hiding under the table right now.
There are a few different color schemes. 
Some of you know I carry around something I call the "bag of fun."  I always have reading material, price tags, catalogs, recipes, scissors, glue, string, the mail, coupons...this bag kind of holds me together and helps me run my life a tad more efficiently.  Currently my bag is not very fun.  It was the first thing I found after the one before had a blow out.  The one I carry now looks like a briefcase and is nice, but I prefer something not so serious.  And this briefcase is not a very good fit for my mudroom locker where my bag lives when I'm at home.  I think I almost have enough excuses saved up to try out one of these fun blue jean bags...
What do you think?!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bee Booked...

 This weekend, a handful of worker bees joined the busy bee and created this collection of decorative books.
Yes, I let my cousin play with fire way too close to the house :)
 We had a blast crafting and now the books are available at Bee Angels for you to enjoy in your home.
 A wide variety of styles to add interest to any home or office.
 I want to thank the worker bees!
And let them know the games have begun.
We kind of have a contest to see whose book will sell first.
No matter the winner, it was a blast. I look forward to another craft night soon!
What do you think?
Are these books too cool for school, or what?!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Pillows!

 New Handmade Pillows!
 I love, love, love this one!
It's made with a vintage pillow case. Neat-o!