Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bee a Team...

 It's early Monday afternoon, Baby Bee is napping and I'm in the middle of getting veggies chopped and ingredients measured for dinner.  My island and counter tops are jammed full of inventory items that are in the middle of being priced when I get a call that five pieces of furniture just sold!  I email the Queen Bee and call my Honey Bee.  I finish chopping and get to sanding.
 Baby Bee goes and hangs out with the Queen and King Bee while my Honey Bee and I get to work!
 Much work later, my back stock is running low and we have six new pieces of furniture to take to Bee Angels.
I love the detail of this piece.
 And the simplicity of this one.
 Coffee table
 And pedestal table
And another coffee table
 The Spice Girls had my shop looking great and I greatly appreciate all they do.  When I sell a piece of furniture it's always a little work moving all my treasures!!
 My Honey Bee loaded up his trailer and the Queen Bee met me at Spice and by closing time things were back to normal.
 Wow!  That was a lot of fun.
 Weeks such as this really remind me of all the love and support I have and I am so thankful.
 I forgot to take a close up of the little nightstand you can see hiding on the back wall.
We made a stop to Home Depot on the way to buy hardware for it so it was not ready during my quick photo shoot at home.
 And another thanks to all of my customers that have supported this little ol' business of mine any time in and in any way.
May your life be blessed!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Bee New...

There is always something new at Bee Angels!
We are busy, busy bees and always putting something new together for the shop.
 Ok, so not always new, lots of times old!
 And perfectly rusted!
 More cookie cutter ornaments have made it to the tree.
This most likely will be the last batch I make (this year at least), so go get yours now for the best selection.
 Old sewing machine made into a desk with secret storage perfect for stashing away your laptop or other items.
 For this batch of ornaments, I tried something new.
I made my own rust.  Fun!

 Naked Bee products are fully stocked and make a great gift.  This line smells wonderful and is a bargain!  And speaking of bargains, Farmhouse Fresh items are also on sale!
 A great selection of Bee Handmade stockings and ornaments.
It was getting dark but I tried to get a pic of the burlap tree skirts, which are available in two sizes.
Frames, memo boards, message boards, and lots of unique items!
Thanks for stopping by.  Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with this Christmas season!