Friday, December 19, 2008

Bee a Smart Last Minute Shopper...

Still buzzing around getting last minute gifts?!? Take advantage of a heavenly offer! Bee Angels offers a variety of prepackaged (aka ready to go-just fill out the gift tag and give!) Lady Primrose gift sets. Each set has a free item! (Ex: two body creme tubes for the price of the free gift bag!) Still not convinced? Starting today through Christmas, receive an extra 20% off! Now that is a deal anyone would buzz about. Zoom over now for best selections. Bee Angels wishes you a Merry Christmas!
Visit Bee Angels to find numerous holiday bargains. Many items marked 20-50% off!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bee Generous...

Taking a dish to the Christmas party tonight? Why not serve it on a beautiful platter for the hosts to keep? Let them know how much you appreciate being welcomed to their home. They will surely treasure this token which will always remind them of the memories associated with the special time you all had!

Adorable Christmas serving pieces available at Bee Angels in the Shops of River Square Center.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bee Nice...

Brighten some one's day.
Bring them a poinsettia or miniature Christmas tree in a snazzy planter!
Assortment of planters available at Bee Angels at The Shops of River Square Center.

New Gourd Ornaments

The selection of Goofy Gourd ornaments dwindled down quite quickly! I have been a busy bee again this week! Here is a sneak of a few added to the collection. Buzz by and check them out!

Goofy Gourd ornaments available at Bee Angels at The Shops of River Square Center.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bee Thoughtful...

Bee a thoughtful guest. Bring the hostess a perfect present to show how much you appreciate her hospitality. Upper Canada's Kitchen line pampers the cook who has been slaving over the stove to prepare the yummy Christmas dinner. Wrap it in a cute towel and place in a lovely bowl or serving dish to really make someone feel special!

Upper Canada Kitchen products and numerous serving bowls and dishes available at Bee Angels in The Shops of River Square Center.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bee A Goofy Gourd

Whew! The day has arrived. I have been a busy bee planting, watering, growing, harvesting, sawing, sanding, woodburning, staining and stringing a garden load of gourds...well, some of them anyways-You know the saying-There are plenty more where that came from! At lunchtime today, I will introduce (set out) my special Goofy Gourd Christmas Ornaments. Each comes in its own cute box ready to give as a gift or for storing your one-of-a-kind ornament after you take down your tree. Perfect for ornament exchanges and for people who love unique, original gifts!

Buzz by Bee Angels at The Shops of River Square Center to shop for your handcrafted Goofy Gourd Ornament today!