Bee New...

There is always something new at Bee Angels!
We are busy, busy bees and always putting something new together for the shop.
 Ok, so not always new, lots of times old!
 And perfectly rusted!
 More cookie cutter ornaments have made it to the tree.
This most likely will be the last batch I make (this year at least), so go get yours now for the best selection.
 Old sewing machine made into a desk with secret storage perfect for stashing away your laptop or other items.
 For this batch of ornaments, I tried something new.
I made my own rust.  Fun!

 Naked Bee products are fully stocked and make a great gift.  This line smells wonderful and is a bargain!  And speaking of bargains, Farmhouse Fresh items are also on sale!
 A great selection of Bee Handmade stockings and ornaments.
It was getting dark but I tried to get a pic of the burlap tree skirts, which are available in two sizes.
Frames, memo boards, message boards, and lots of unique items!
Thanks for stopping by.  Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with this Christmas season!


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